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Selecting talent to take your business to the next level.


Coaching and development for individuals and teams.


Career guidance coaching for teens and adults.


Founder / Director

Candice has experience working with people to become the best versions of themselves.

She uses Psychometric Assessments to empower others to reach their full potential by facilitating self-awareness and growth. Candice is registered as a Psychometrist in Independent / Private Practice with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). 


She graduated from UCT with distinction, qualifying with a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Psychology and Organisational / Industrial Psychology and an Honours degree in Psychology.  She completed her Post-Graduate Specialisation (B. Psych Equivalent) in the specialised field of Psychometrics. Candice is also a Certified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. 


She has experience working as an Assessment and Development Specialist in an organisational context as well as with private clients. She worked as an in-house Psychometrist at SA’s largest financial services group and managed the Psychometric Assessments function as part of the Talent Identification and Development team at SA's number one clothing value retailer.

She has experience working with people across a variety of ages, cultures, job roles, job levels, industries, and walks of life. She believes we all deserve to live a purposeful and meaningful life, and that if a person is motivated to make a change, anything is possible.

Candice Black 
Candice Black.jpg

"...Candice was born to do what she does – I think it’s her calling. 

Her character attracts the trust and respect of others, making a much bigger than expected impact on those she works with..."





What drew me into this profession in the first place was a deep need to understand myself.


I have a personal story behind each of the three focus areas of my business and I believe this allows me to relate to my clients in an authentic, meaningful way.


In the context of SELECTION, I have personally experienced being in a "wrong fit" job and the burnout that follows. Furthermore, from the perspective of the employer, I have witnessed first-hand the repercussions of bad hiring decisions as a result of cutting corners and skipping the Psychometric Assessment process, which inevitably leads to devastating financial and other consequences for the business.


With regards to DEVELOPMENT, my journey of self-discovery and personal growth is on-going, and I am constantly striving to deepen my understanding of myself and how I relate to others and the world around me. Knowing and accepting myself has led me to design a life that is in alignment with my talents, personality, values and interests.


In terms of CAREER GUIDANCE, I have first-hand experience of the feelings of overwhelm when trying to choose a career path in high school when you have no idea what is out there, as well as the distress of making the wrong decision and feeling like you are on the wrong path.


This business has been created in order to help individuals and organisations overcome these problems.


Psychometric Assessments and Coaching are the keys that I use to unlock potential.


The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.




We promise to always adhere to ethical standards and act in the best interests of our clients.


We focus on delivering work of an exceptionally high standard and pay close attention to detail. 


We believe in being reliable, competent, and acting in a professional manner at all times.


We thrive on creativity and offer original solutions that keep our clients ahead of the pack.
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