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Launch With Purpose

"Candice came very highly recommended, and just at the right time! My daughter was struggling to make decisions with her Grade 10 subject choices as well as what her future career path may be. 


It was such an incredible and valuable experience, and most definitely money well spent! Candice, your feedback was so thorough and accurate. Your knowledge, professionalism and passion left us knowing not only her subject choices but potential career choices suitable to Jenna’s personality.

Thank you for everything, it is greatly appreciated!"

- Janine Martin (Parent) -

Many of us find ourselves questioning whether we can handle staying at an
unsatisfying job for another year or two.

We may be feeling disconnected, bored or overwhelmed at work which

leaves us with little to no energy left to enjoy our

personal time to the fullest.

Most of us have spent way too many hours working jobs that we hate

and missing out onvaluable time with the people we love.
We might be wondering what else is out
there, what careers would be best suited to
us and how to put our dreams or ideas into

Are you thinking about making a career "shift", “pivot” or “swerve”

but have no idea where to start?


guided programme to help you
build the foundations of self-awareness,
find fulfillment and

THRIVE in your working life


High quality personality, interests, and values assessments
Tools to measure your confidence in various career fields
3 x one-on-one coaching sessions
4 x impactful workshops
Launch with Purpose Workbook
Exclusive tools, tips and resources

Access to your Career Coach via Whatsapp during the 6 weeks
Flexible add-ons including additional personalised coaching sessions,

CV re-vamp, LinkedIn refresh, and interview skills coaching

Free follow-up check-ins


Your current job is not working for you and you're looking to explore possible job options and / or alternative career paths
You want to make a career move soon
You are thinking about making a career shift in the future but are not ready to commit
You are at a crossroads in your career
You have some idea about what you would like to be doing, but do not know how to make a change
You are being held back by fear and are scared of taking the leap
You have no idea what you want from your career at all and are feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities

You are curious and would like to get to know yourself better

What can you expect from
The Launch With Purpose Programme?

- Understand your career needs
- Gain self-awareness and leverage your strengths
- Identify meaningful work activities
- Gain access to effective tools to achieve clarity on your career direction
- Feel empowered to take charge of your career path
- Allow yourself to dream and get inspired
- Build confidence to make a change
- Formulate a simple career strategy
- Benefit from group and individual support
- Discover your definition of success

Start 2021 with an Intentional Career Plan
Contact us to find out the dates for the next intake.
Coaching and workshops take place online - you can join from anywhere!



"I joined Candice for her Launch with Purpose workshop at the end of 2020, and boy am I glad I did. After what was an undoubtedly tough year, the tools that Candice taught me, and the help she gave in finding my purpose were invaluable.

I had just joined a new company when I started the course after months of unemployment, and through the weeks found myself being able to align what I was working on in the workshop, with how I wanted to set my intentions for my new career journey. I especially loved all the assessments we did as I learnt so much about myself, as well as all the resources which were made available to us. Thank you Candice!"

- Megan Van Strijp -

"I just completed Humanessence's Launch with Purpose Programme. It was the ideal guidance I needed at what is a transitional time in my professional life. With Candice's help I now have a much clearer idea of my own professional ambitions and a tool set to help me realise them. Candice brings insight, energy, and sincerity to the process that I greatly appreciated.

Her knowledge broke through my own cynicism of personality and other such tests as she is able to utilise these as powerful career guidance tools that can help anyone make informed career decisions. This is an amazing programme for anybody unsure of a career path, or requiring further insight into how they can and will grow in their careers. Highly recommended."

- Wade Osborne - 

"I did the Launch With Purpose Workshop with Candice and it was very insightful and well presented. Candice puts a lot of work in preparing for her sessions and she listens attentively and pays a lot of attention to detail. As a coach, she's accommodating and gives good advice while identifying your strengths and weaknesses. The best career guidance I've received so far; would recommend Candice to my peers."

- Xolani Kula - 

"I did the Launch with Purpose program with Candice this year (2020) and it was hugely beneficial. Candice helped me to understand more about my strengths and helped me discover a way forward with my career."

- Sandy Norman - 

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