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Select the best-fit candidates


Identify your future leaders


Empower your people through self-awareness


Achieve business success with high performing teams



We partner with businesses to select the best-fit candidates and acquire talent in order to build a competent and high-performing workforce.


Using Psychometric Assessments, we are able to scientifically predict performance and determine the degree of fit between the candidate, the job and your organisational culture.


By objectively measuring capability and personal attributes of prospective candidates, we are able to minimize the risk of incorrect placement, thus preventing disastrous consequences and saving you money and avoiding stress in the long-run.


This effective method of evaluation allows us to tap into characteristics underneath the surface, and determine compatibility and job-fit potential that is unable to be observed in an interview. 


Have you had the awful experience of managing someone who gave you endless headaches?

Is the quality output of your employees not quite up to standard?

Are your people not as productive as you expected them to be?

Have any staff members made errors which have had serious financial, reputational or safety consequences?

Are you unsure if current candidate screening procedures meet legal and ethical standards?

Are you disappointed that your team does not embody the culture envisioned for your organisation?

Is staff turnover or absenteeism high?

Are your people not as engaged and motivated as you would like them to be?

Could your last CCMA experience have been avoided if you had been aware of the employee's risk areas?

Have you interviewed someone who seemed like a star, only to be let down when they started in the job?

Have you had to deal with the consequences of a "bad apple"?

Have you spent a lot of time and money trying to elicit competent performance?

Have you or other team members had to "carry" the workload of an incompetent employee?

Have you been forced to deal with performance management issues?

Almost all business owners or managers will be able to relate to many of the above questions.

The financial, productivity, reputational and emotional costs of PERSON-JOB MISFIT are TOO HIGH. 

“In many ways, a bad hire's effect on company culture echoes beyond the employee's tenure.

Poor performers lower the bar for other employees, and bad habits spread like a virus.”

- Forbes -

“As much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions”

– Harvard Business Review –


Because turnover carries such a high price tag, organizations need the right tools to identify the best candidates for long-term success.


Succession Planning

We assist businesses to identify and develop talent to ensure that they have a clear plan for who their next leaders are going to be, and how they are going to get there. 

You never know when your most senior roles will need to be filled, so it is best to be prepared. 

Using reliable and valid objective methods of assessment, we are able to determine which of your people have the potential to take on senior responsibilities in the future. 

Your people are your most important asset. 

Building succession planning into your strategy is critical, and should be non-negotiable.

How else will you future-proof your business and ensure that it continues to prosper when key people leave?

When was the last time you took stock of your biggest investment - your people?

Whereas the heroic manager of the past knew all, could do all, and could solve every problem, the post-heroic manager asks how every problem can be solved in a way that develops other people´s capacity to handle it. 

- Charles Handy -



Using assessments designed to facilitate self-awareness, we provide in-depth, insightful one-on-one development feedback and coaching.

Candidates benefit greatly from receiving feedback on their assessments done for selection or succession planning purposes. This enables them to leverage their strengths, identify blind-spots, and have control over their development areas when starting in a new role or improving in a current role.


We also offer a self-discovery coaching process purely for development. Evidence indicates that self-awareness is the foundation for success at work and in life. Our coaching offering empowers leaders and employees to unlock their potential and perform optimally.

The development feedback process often provides input into personal development plans.


Coaching is an effective development intervention to support growth in many areas, and our sessions lead to tangible outcomes and produce results.

“Peak performance research and training has uncovered the SINGLE greatest difference between those who succeed and those who fail... Self-Awareness. Research has proven that the most successful people know more about themselves than anyone else. Self-Awareness is the most important attribute for SUCCESS.” 

- Gary Vaynerchuk - 

Team Effectiveness


We conduct alignment workshops for teams to gain a better understanding of one another.

Essentially, we enable teams to understand, appreciate and respect one another's differences.

Our workshops are practical and interactive, instilling effective methods to dealing with miscommunication and frustration.


By understanding one another, teams can strengthen communication, cope with change, make good decisions, handle stress, and deal with conflict in an emotionally intelligent way. Our workshops provide teams with a language of understanding, a common "map" which they can use to navigate challenges. 


Our goal is to align the purpose of the workshops to your strategic business goals and ultimately help you to build an engaged and productive workforce. Our team workshops have been proven to improve overall team effectiveness, which has a significant impact on the business's overall success. 


Post-workshop, we help you to determine team strengths and blind-spots and provide impactful suggestions for harnessing the skills of your people.

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." 


- Andrew Carnegie -


"It’s truly an honour for me to recommend Candice Black in both a professional and personal capacity. I have had the privilege of working with Candice for 3 years, gaining first-hand experience of her as a peer, a service provider and a highly valued member of my team.

As a professional, she created and consistently delivered an end-to-end, fully established, reliable and credible Psychometrics service within Ackermans.  She transformed the basic practice of Psychometric Assessments within our company, into a highly regarded, dependable business service that supported strategy and enabled the placement, development and succession of our most important asset, our people. Her integrity, work ethic and innate disposition for delivering quality work have set the benchmark for Psychometrics within our business.  

Candice was born to do what she does – I think it’s her calling.  Her character attracts the trust and respect of others, making a much bigger than expected impact on those she works with. This was echoed by regular feedback from colleagues and her internal customers. Given the opportunity, I would choose to have Candice on my team any day and highly recommend her work."


—  Hanifa Jassiem, HR Manager: Talent, Ackermans

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