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“My boyfriend and I recently did a personality assessment with Candice Black and it was brilliant! The feedback session was incredibly detailed and so well presented - it is incredible value for money. It was so Interesting and far beyond what we had anticipated. We learnt so much about our own personalities and how we interact as a couple. It was one of the best things that we could have done for ourselves and our relationship. I highly recommend Candice - she is great at what she does.”


– Skye Revell -

Our Couples Coaching offering uses the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to guide and facilitate open conversation. This personality assessment is an incredibly impactful tool to facilitate building strong relationships.

Knowledge of personality type preferences can help couples build a framework of understanding upon which to negotiate differences in several key aspects of life. Understanding one another better will have a positive and lasting impact on a relationship. The feedback conversation helps to foster greater awareness and acceptance and enables couples to view the world through one another's eyes.

We discuss your similarities and different ways of seeing the world. The feedback is fun, informal and conversational, whilst being a profound learning experience. Each session is interactive and specially tailored to each couples' unique profiles and needs. 

Important Note:

This offering is aimed at couples in relatively healthy relationships.

It is not recommended for couples seeking counselling. 

"I would totally recommend Humanessence to everyone and anyone. Candice is so professional and offers such valuable insights into your personality and preferences. My husband and I both wanted to do a personality assessment and Candice suggested that we do the 'Couple's Assessment' as we would both benefit from our own results as well as hearing each other's results. She was 100% right. Not only did we have a lot of fun talking about our similarities and differences (e.g. the way we give directions - mine through intuition and his through logic) - it was extremely valuable. Having done this assessment has certainly increased my level of self awareness and has helped me in understanding why and how I make decisions, what I enjoy and why. Thanks so much Candice for the great experience!"

- Daniela D'Hotman De Villiers -

“My husband and I recently did a couples assessment with Candice at HUMANESSENCE. It was an eye opening and liberating experience that has helped us to better understand ourselves as well as our relationship.


We are emigrating in a few months and thought it would be beneficial to know our personalities as we enter into new work environments.


Ever since our feedback with Candice, my husband and I better understand each other and communicate more effectively. Knowing each other's characteristics helps guide us on how and why we do certain things and through this we have been able to make effective decisions together.


Candice was professional and took time to understand our different view points and offered suggestions on how to deal with certain situations. We speak about it daily and it has definitely made us both more self-aware. This is a great investment in yourself and well as in your relationship and something you can carry with you through every life situation. Thank you Candice, we are forever grateful.”


– Caleigh-Ann Steyn -


“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.”


– Diane Von Furstenberg -

We also offer once-off feedback sessions or on-going coaching sessions for individuals interested in learning more about themselves. This is an amazing opportunity for personal growth. Once you know and understand yourself, you are better able to accept yourself - on your good days AND the bad.


Self-love involves being aware of your limitations and showing self-compassion while simultaneously harnessing your strengths. Self-acceptance will enable you to gain confidence to finally, truly be yourself. This knowledge also enables you to view your relationships with others in an objective way and up-level your interpersonal skills. 

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